Monday, March 24, 2008

Seattle sketchcrawl

While in Seattle I decided to have my own personal sketchcrawl. I started at the Space Needle, and made this sketch with one of those Magic pencils that has a multi-colored lead--it was the only thing I could dig out of my bag at the time.

I walked down to the Olympic Sculpture Park and enjoyed all the sculptures. It was COLD and windy, but if I was out of the wind, the sun felt great. I sat at this man-made beach and sketched. Added color later, but made color notes.

A passing freighter.

For some reason this slowly turning sculpture held my interest. I watched it for a while from the eye benches, and sketched the different shapes. I want one for my yard!!

I had to sketch Calder's Eagle. Calder is one of my favorite artists. Added watercolor pencil color to it later in a warm place, but the color is not quite right.


Jessica López Mendoza said...

Hola Linda
Soy de Nicaragua y me gusta tus borradores.
Sigue adelante con el arte.

no way said...

Love your sketch of the Calder. We have one here in Chicago too, and it is such a cool piece of sculpture.

Love the idea of a personal sketch crawl too. I'll have to remember that one.