Monday, December 01, 2014

My turn to post

I'm going to try to post something regularly on this blog for the month of December.  I enjoy the blogs and art of so many other people and yet never get around to posting things myself, so here goes.

I was tempted to go to Ferguson to draw the protests, but it's not safe.  Even daredevils I know said it was not a good scene, and one was robbed at gunpoint.  So I drew this from the live coverage on TV late at night as we watched, sadly, the burning of businesses and livelihoods.

I'm trying to use up a sketchbook that has paper that is kind of good for nothing.  It drains my markers, clogs my pens, and devours my paint.  I used watersoluble crayons for the above picture.  Then I doodled some simplified critters for a bit and had fun doing a herd of horned critters as part of my Sketchbook Skool homework.