Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sketchbook pages from Australia!

We recently spent 2 weeks in Australia, Sydney and Cairns, visiting a daughter and seeing this beautiful country.  I filled many pages of 2 small sketchbooks.  Here are some of them.

Airport waits are great for sketching people.

Only 2 of the 3 sisters made it into this sketch...

 The Opera House is so fun to draw.
 The beach at Coogee.
 Afternoon action in Hyde Park.
 Cairns views from the esplanade.

 A composite sketch of the sugar cane fields and mountains we drove past.
 On the beach waiting for the sea kayakers to return.
 I sketched many animals and birds so I could later identify the unknown ones.
 I love a marina.
 We saw the most interesting and impressive trees in Sydney.  So cool.

 This guy was motionless for at least 15 minutes, but he was too large to get on a double page.  He's an estuarine crocodile.  Scary.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Book illustrations

Here are a few sketches from the dummy I made of a friend's story for a children's book.  It was never published, but it was fun to do.

Some life drawings

Well, so much for posting every week in December.  However, I am updating the blog with some more drawings, these from life drawing at the St. Louis Artist Guild.

Monday, December 01, 2014

My turn to post

I'm going to try to post something regularly on this blog for the month of December.  I enjoy the blogs and art of so many other people and yet never get around to posting things myself, so here goes.

I was tempted to go to Ferguson to draw the protests, but it's not safe.  Even daredevils I know said it was not a good scene, and one was robbed at gunpoint.  So I drew this from the live coverage on TV late at night as we watched, sadly, the burning of businesses and livelihoods.

I'm trying to use up a sketchbook that has paper that is kind of good for nothing.  It drains my markers, clogs my pens, and devours my paint.  I used watersoluble crayons for the above picture.  Then I doodled some simplified critters for a bit and had fun doing a herd of horned critters as part of my Sketchbook Skool homework.