Monday, July 31, 2006

challenge 77...draw something cold

Today the girls and I went to Starbucks for "the usual", and when we tried to pay, we were told that the car behind us was paying for our order. We didn't recognize the car, so I got out to see who it was. It was a man and his daughter. The man pointed to my bumper sticker and said, "Your son is a Marine. This is on me." I thanked them. What a sweet thing to do! I'll have to tell my son.

This is a grande iced tea, a wonderful cold drink when it is so hot outside.

I have heard of people doing nice things for our troops, but this is a first for this Marine mom. Posted by Picasa

challenge 8...draw your watch

I drew my watch, which was in pieces due to a need for a new watch band, on the same pages as my sketches from Bread Co this morning.

I did get a new band. Posted by Picasa

challenge 22...draw a piece of clothing

Erik's baseball cap was sitting on the swing out back, so I drew it, then later added the color with colored pencils. I think the color adds a lot. I should do more sketches with color, methinks. And yes, (sigh), those are graffiti tags on his hat. Graffiti=art that gets the artist in trouble. Posted by Picasa

challenge 15 Draw a tree

Challenge 15 is to draw a tree. This is in our backyard. It turns a wonderful red in the fall. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

fishing on the dock

Rachel and Jenny, sitting on the dock, fishing. They didn't catch anything but they had fun. Posted by Picasa

challenge 54-- draw someone you love

This is a little postcard sketch of my sister Sue painting on the beach in Vermont. She is trying out her new waterbrush. We love to get together and, even better, to paint together. We had a great week. And she is someone I love. Next to my husband, she is my best friend. Posted by Picasa

sketches from Vermont

When I go down to the beach in Vermont I take some small sketching stuff. Here is my small traveling watercolor set, my waterbrush, and my Cotman watercolor pad, all sitting in the rowboat with my mask and snorkel.

The next sketch is looking north towards Pine Point. Jenny and Rachel are fishing. I have always loved to paint and draw the rocks on the beach.
This is the same scene without the boat or fishers, done in the style of Dufy. It was fun.
Rachel and Jenny on the dock, fishing. Posted by Picasa

challenge 74--Draw some clouds

While Jenny gave me a break from driving on our way to Vermont, I played with my watercolor pencils and waterbrush and drew some clouds. The paper in my sketchbook got wrinkly, but I don't mind. I learned that even though some edges of clouds look ragged, one needs to draw them rounded for the most part so that they read as clouds. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

challenge 73--draw your mailbox

I went out at dusk and sketched our mailbox, changing the numbers b/c of this day and age we live in. A firefly happened past and I put him in too, with a little darkness around him.
I used to be a faithful letter writer, and then we got email. I still write a "real" letter once in a while, but not too often. When I think about mail and letters I think of my grandmother Lillian, who was a country gal but educated and she would write the best letters that made me feel she was right there talking to me. When she got into her eighties I started saving them (and regretting all the old ones I had thrown away over the years) and now that she is gone they are still alive with her wit and love and down-home observations of life. I'm so glad God gave her to us for so long. She lived to be 101.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, July 06, 2006

sketches at the mall

Some sketches from the mall while waiting for the girls. I considered trying to draw for the challenge to draw someplace I haven't been before, and I WAS sitting in the new eaterie at the mall, which was new for me, but it is so pathetic, I'm not counting it. I did enjoy sketching people and I thought of the drawing in public "revolution" and what if I were at the mall and noticed someone sketching me? Would I sit still for a few minutes for them, pretending not to know I knew they were sketching me? Would I take out my sketchbook and draw them? How subtle am I when I draw others? Do they know?

It made me a bit unnerved, to tell the truth. Enough thinking. Just draw. Secretly. Posted by Picasa