Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 21-23

I painted in class on the 21st, at home on the 22nd, and on the 23rd I sketched some kids taking finals at school. Maybe I'll post the painting sometime.

May 20 and challenge 24--draw some fruit

It is strawberry season and we are enjoying this year's harvest.

Colored pencil on prepainted page.

May 18, 19, and challenge 35

I did not draw on the 18th. I did challenge 35 on the 19th--draw a bike or part of one. This is one of many that hang upside down in the garage.

May 17

I drew faces from a publication for practice.

May 16 and challenge 91--an apple

Challenge 60--a car

Just some doodles of vehicles. Thought it could count as the 60th challenge. All are imaginary. It reminds me of that Richard Scarry book, Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.

More Every Day in May--May 15

I made a grid and did some sketches from a few photos we took in Italy. I want to do this again, but with better photos. Still, it was fun. Once I draw from a photo, I have a better idea of whether a painting could come of the photo--or not!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

May 11-13

On May 11 I sketched E and his friend C. On May 12 and 13 I tried doing some upside down portaits from magazine photos. They sometimes look a bit skewed, so I did a portrait right side up for one of them and I think I like that better.

May 10 and challenge 118

At a school concert, I sketched the back row of trumpet players, focusing on their hair for challenge 118--draw hair. The photo is blurry but our scanner is STILL not working.

Challenges 109 and 113

Challenge 109--draw a clock. This is my cow clock that some students gave me. I love cows.
Challenge 113--draw a fence. I see this fence when I look out my bedroom window. It is the line between the farm and the neighborhood. The "farm" only keeps a few horses and several peacocks. I think the goats are gone. They used to come through the fence and nibble the grass in yards. And the peacocks sometimes walk through the yards and fly up to our roofs. It is a funny thing to see.
These challenges were done in April and just now posted. I'm not good about posting...

May 6-8, and 9

I didn't paint or draw on the 6th, but I did attend the opening reception of the St. Louis Watercolor Society's spring juried show, and 2 of my pictures were accepted. Yay!!

On May 7 I painted in class. Not posted.

May 8--I missed. And that's ok.
On May 9 I finished a grid I started on May 3. It is glimpses of my art space.

May 4 and challenge 116

Challenge 116 was to draw something green. This plumeria plant is one of those sticks tourists can buy and bring home and grow. Ours has yet to bloom, and I thought it was dead until a tiny new leaf emerged, so maybe there is hope for this plant.

May 3 and 5

A few sketches done before the musical started each day. I know, pathetic, but I should also count playing my horn each night as something artistic.

May 2--challenge 61

Challenge 61 is to draw a grouping of 2 or more similar objects. This is a pile of shoes by the door. Can you tell we have kids?

May 1

I've been participating in the Every Day in May group,, sponsored by this blogger, so I've been drawing or painting or doing something artistic every day--well, almost--this month. On May 1 I sketched A. It was a rushed week, too, b/c I was playing in the pit orchestra for a school musical, and the first week in May was filled with dress rehearsals and 3 performances.