Sunday, October 21, 2007

challenge 141--something with bristles

challenge 140--an envelope

We didn't receive much written mail from our son when he was deployed because email was easier, but I did save this envelope from one of the letters because of the humorous return address. I deleted our address for privacy's sake.

challenge 138--something soft

Here is our other new kitten, Snickers, who has the softest fur. Today she rested on the swing with me, perhaps feeling resigned to having to wear a harness outside so we can catch her when she runs off. This is on a pre-painted page, and it does not capture her true colors. The proportions are off a bit, too. I also sketched her as she stalked various fierce insects in the yard.

challenge 136--something living

Here is Gilbert, one of our new kittens, lounging on the deck.

challenge 133--a peach

I did 3 different versions of a peach in my Raffine sketchbook. I don't like the way watercolor behaves on that paper. Too hard to rework things.

challenge 34--a fall leaf

Part of an ash tree leaf. They turn a wonderful yellow. Too bad some tree virus is threatening all the ash trees.