Sunday, January 13, 2008

challenges 26, 153, 139

Challenge 26: Draw anything I want. I drew Snickers and Gilbert napping on my bed.

Pigma pen and watercolor

Challenge 139: draw something with a handle. This is my French horn case-- just a doodle with my Lamy Safari pen.

Challenge 153: Draw something wrapped in plastic. This baggie of shells and a stone from a beach in Puerto Rico is still sitting on my desk.

Pigma Micron pen and watercolor

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

challenges 6, 7 and 17

Challenge 6 is draw a childhood toy. This is a fox puppet that my grandmother had. We kids loved it but were always a little wary of it because it's teeth were fake but sharp, and its eyes make it look fierce. Now it's mine, and I believe it made the same kind of impression on my own kids.

Colored pencil.

Challenge 7: draw a jar from the kitchen.


Challenge 17: draw a musical instrument. This is no problem in my house, as we have several. I tried to capture the shadows. I should also try to capture the color sometime. It's a beautiful cello.

Micron pen