Tuesday, January 01, 2008

challenges 6, 7 and 17

Challenge 6 is draw a childhood toy. This is a fox puppet that my grandmother had. We kids loved it but were always a little wary of it because it's teeth were fake but sharp, and its eyes make it look fierce. Now it's mine, and I believe it made the same kind of impression on my own kids.

Colored pencil.

Challenge 7: draw a jar from the kitchen.


Challenge 17: draw a musical instrument. This is no problem in my house, as we have several. I tried to capture the shadows. I should also try to capture the color sometime. It's a beautiful cello.

Micron pen


Anonymous said...

Love your challenge drawings especially the Fox puppet. How fortunate you are to have something like this from your grandmother! And I love that you now have recorded it for posterity. I've sketched/painted my grandchildren's favorite animals, but not my own children's remaining ones. Another goal for 2008!

Lisa said...

Linda, I love these three drawings. The fox is scary; the Smuckers jar looks so much better in your watercolor than in real life; and the cello is masterfully drawn.

Ann said...

Linda, This is all such wonderful work! I think the jam jar is my favorite. That fox puppet is a little frightening - but a great drawing though!

Wendy said...

I love the graphic quality in the musical instruments drawing. Fantastic!

bec said...

Nice job on the cello drawing! Do you play?

Linda T said...

Yes, Bec, I do a little, but I have a lot of rust to shake off since most of my playing was done in junior high. But I love the cello.

kmuhlstadt said...

I really love the jar...makes me hungry! Thanks for viewing my blog and for the wonderfully nice comment. I adore your work and it's great to hear from someone nearby in Missouri!

Zeke said...

These are great! I, of course, really like the Cello!