Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Challenges 178 and 179

178 was draw something red, so I did some raspberries that we picked from Nye farms in Georgia, Vermont. They were delicious. Ballpoint pen and watercolor.

179 is draw an onion. Ballpoint and watercolor.

Challenge 176--something summer

Summer means flipflops. I started drawing mine and after doing all the colors of the left one, I decided to simplify and left the colors off the right one. Then I did a pair with no colors, just a blue. Ballpoint and colored pencil on a summer afternoon on the porch.

Challenge 69--favorite beverage

I was drawing my hand after the advice in Drawing From Within, which encourages the artist to draw pages of hands for the rest of one's life, and I realized I was also drawing my favorite summer beverage!

Challenge 166 - draw a fish

166 fish
Originally uploaded by luv2draw
While on a sketchcrawl with some family members, we stopped at a fish hatchery and I drew this perch, which was a pale and sorry specimen of a perch compared to what we normally catch on the lake. Maybe perch in captivity lose their colors.