Monday, December 01, 2014

My turn to post

I'm going to try to post something regularly on this blog for the month of December.  I enjoy the blogs and art of so many other people and yet never get around to posting things myself, so here goes.

I was tempted to go to Ferguson to draw the protests, but it's not safe.  Even daredevils I know said it was not a good scene, and one was robbed at gunpoint.  So I drew this from the live coverage on TV late at night as we watched, sadly, the burning of businesses and livelihoods.

I'm trying to use up a sketchbook that has paper that is kind of good for nothing.  It drains my markers, clogs my pens, and devours my paint.  I used watersoluble crayons for the above picture.  Then I doodled some simplified critters for a bit and had fun doing a herd of horned critters as part of my Sketchbook Skool homework.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A new painting for 2014

After painting 3 cakes for the St. Louis city Cakeway to the West birthday celebration, I was glad to get back to painting.  Here's one so far.  It's titled Overgrown.  11x14, acrylic.

Monday, February 17, 2014

rally squirrel from fans

rally squirrel from fans by luv2draw
rally squirrel from fans, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

And I had to paint the rally squirrel.

baseball fans other side

baseball fans final 2 by luv2draw
baseball fans final 2, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

Here's the other side of the cake and a bit of trivia for you: the city of St Louis was founded in 1764. (In baseball it makes for a lot of runs and even more hits!!)

baseball fans cake

baseball fans final 1 by luv2draw
baseball fans final 1, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

My 3rd cake, called Baseball fans. StL has the best fans in baseball.

balloons and confetti

balloons and confetti 2 by luv2draw
balloons and confetti 2, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

This was my second cake, just a happy party cake.

People of StL cake

people of stl final 1 by luv2draw
people of stl final 1, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

I painted 3 cakes for the celebration of St. Louis' 250th birthday. I painted overlapping city buildings in skin tones for the background, then over that I copied sketches of people from the StL area that I have made over the years from my sketchbooks.