Sunday, June 25, 2006

challenges 23 and 71

Challenge 23 is draw your foot, so here's mine, including my almost non-existent pinkie toenail.

Challenge 71 is to draw something representing my favorite sport. I picked tennis, even though I do not play nearly as much anymore. But tennis is one of those sports where you have fun and get fit without noticing. All that running, shifting, aiming, hitting, darting back and forth, anticipating--it's such good exercise.
I did this in 2B pencil, and I did get tired of doing the strings, so that's why it looks like a giraffe skin in the middle! My racket is strung better than I have drawn it. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Challenge 29--draw something architectural

Everywhere you go on the mall in DC you see the Washington Monument. The girls were bound and determined to walk UP it. I tried to discourage them, having walked down years ago. Down is bad enough. Well, they don't let anyone walk up or down anymore b/c people were touching the commemorative stones and darkening them. I think Jenny was secretly relieved. Posted by Picasa

Challenge 12--draw what you ate for dinner

We had steamed crabs for supper in Annapolis. I drew the leftover mess. I probably should add color to show the red of the cooked shells. It was delicious!! Ah, those Chesapeake Bay blue crabs!! Posted by Picasa

Annapolis harbor

I love harbors and boats. Even though it is only a quick sketch, it brought me great joy to draw some boats. Posted by Picasa

Sketching in public

These were some of my fellow waiters-in-line. Only one man asked me what I did with my sketches. I said I just draw for fun. I think he was relieved that I was not drawing him! Posted by Picasa

Challenge 36

We went to Washington DC a couple of weeks ago and I got up early to get free tickets for the Washington Monument. I took my sketchbook and sketched things and people while I waited. So this and the other sketches can count as challenge 36: sketch in public. Posted by Picasa