Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sketchbook pages from Australia!

We recently spent 2 weeks in Australia, Sydney and Cairns, visiting a daughter and seeing this beautiful country.  I filled many pages of 2 small sketchbooks.  Here are some of them.

Airport waits are great for sketching people.

Only 2 of the 3 sisters made it into this sketch...

 The Opera House is so fun to draw.
 The beach at Coogee.
 Afternoon action in Hyde Park.
 Cairns views from the esplanade.

 A composite sketch of the sugar cane fields and mountains we drove past.
 On the beach waiting for the sea kayakers to return.
 I sketched many animals and birds so I could later identify the unknown ones.
 I love a marina.
 We saw the most interesting and impressive trees in Sydney.  So cool.

 This guy was motionless for at least 15 minutes, but he was too large to get on a double page.  He's an estuarine crocodile.  Scary.