Monday, September 02, 2013

The Sketchbook Project mobile library came to St. Louis this summer, and I was able to go and spend almost 2 hours reading and looking at sketchbook after sketchbook.  You have NO IDEA how addicting that can be for someone who loves to draw.  I tried to think of some online art friends who have participated and could only think of Alissa Duke, who lives in Australia, I think, but she had a sketchbook in the mobile library and I read it.  It was marvelous!  Having looked at the digital gallery at the website now I realize there are several other EverydayMatters artists who have work in the project.  Anyway, here's the mobile library, parked near the City Museum, and me holding Alissa's sketchbook. 

If you get a chance to visit the mobile library, do it.  It is a delight!  And take friends!

96 Swamp Road Barn again

96 Swamp Road Barn again by luv2draw
96 Swamp Road Barn again, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

More trying to use the workshop lessons. Value patterns, temperature changes. Omitting what is not essential to the picture. This is a 1/4 sheet watercolor. The barn burned down several years ago, I was told. I have fond memories of painting it on the side of the road with my mom and sister.

95 Breadseller

95 Breadseller by luv2draw
95 Breadseller, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

I used a photo my nephew took in Europe for this. The photo intrigued me and as is my way, I think I put in too many details. But I had fun. 1/2 sheet watercolor.

94 Recital

94 Recital by luv2draw
94 Recital, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.
I did this 1/4 sheet watercolor from a small sketch made during a piano recital. I'm trying to put the lessons I learned from the Carl Purcell workshop into practice--changing the temperature of the washes, leaving whites, connecting shapes, keeping a value pattern in mind.