Monday, November 27, 2006

challenge 94--draw a spoon

Wow, this was harder than I thought. This is the same spoon in 3 views.

challenge 93--draw an open egg carton

This is an oops sketch. I didn't work my way across the drawing in a measuring sort of way and as a result, the carton ended up too long. But, to show that the sketch is not precious, I went over the lines and made corrections and even am posting it! The point is to draw, and I did, and learn, and I am.

challenge 92--draw a paper bag

A bag from Bread Co. It probably held one of my favorite bagels, cinnamon crunch.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

beach, Puerto Rico

A little sketch, done without first drawing, I think, of the beach, looking NNW. And we were on the northeast of the island.

beach walk, Puerto Rico

When we were in Puerto Rico last month, I walked along the beach and collected things that had washed ashore, then came back and sketched and painted them. It was a relaxing way to enjoy the beach. I have never seen so many sand dollars.

challenge 90--draw something with wings

Someone in the Everyday Matters group mentioned that she carries photos of things she wants to draw with her, so that when she has a spare minute, she can get some drawing done. I think it's a great idea, and when I had some time recently to draw, I realized I had this photo of a saddlebill stork, native to Africa, so I drew it. (It gets its name from the yellow "saddle" on its beak.) I had been working on a science scavenger hunt at the zoo for my science students and happened to have it. Otherwise, what a random photo to have along! Now I am carrying other photos...

challenge 84--draw some bread

I'm so behind on these challenges, so I drew some very basic but tasty bread that has been sitting on the counter for a few days and seems to have been forgotten by the cook. I guess we'll eat it tonight with whatever else we are having.