Sunday, July 01, 2012

32 Act of Faith

32 Act of Faith by luv2draw
32 Act of Faith, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

Another piece for the Good Friday Experience, "The Scarlet Thread." What Bible story is this illustrating?

33 Covered

33 Covered by luv2draw
33 Covered, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

Did this for the Good Friday Experience.

34 Alaska, Lake and distant glacier

Another version of this scene.

35 Sun and Shade

35 Sun and Shade by luv2draw
35 Sun and Shade, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

I'm sure there is a version of this scene done by one of the impressionists. Must look for it. This is from a photo from nephew Joel.

36 Night Castle

36 Night Castle by luv2draw
36 Night Castle, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

The colors in the photo are a bit off, but you get the idea. I wanted to do a low key version of the castle scene.

37 Bethany Springs, Bee hives

My first paint out painting. I tried to capture the light on the hives, and I actually edited the scene and moved a tree. Woohoo!!

38 Bethany Springs View

38 Bethany Springs View by luv2draw
38 Bethany Springs View, a photo by luv2draw on Flickr.

It was high noon with no dramatic shadows, but I wanted to do a 2nd painting at the paint out, so it was this. Great fun just to be out and painting!!