Tuesday, March 04, 2008

challenges 159, 152, 128,147 and 158

Challenge 128: draw the view looking through a doorway into another room. Ok, not the greatest view, but a view all the same.

Challenge 147: draw or paint something made of wood. This is a wooden cowbell from Africa, and I was told Ethiopia, but I have no real proof of that. It makes a pleasant woodblock sound, and I can imagine that it would be very pleasing to hear a group of cows moving and wearing cowbells like this. My grandparents had it in their stuff and it caught my eye/ear.

Challenge 152: draw a nut. Here are 2 cashews, one in a very AA Milne style and the other a badly-scanned, even when tweaked, pencil drawing.

Challenge 158: Popcorn, a staple in our house.

Challenge 159: a favorite kitchen utensil. This pizza cutter is terrific and still very sharp, but the handle is coming off and it's probably not safe to use it. I've replaced it with a plastic Cutco cutter, but this one served us so faithfully for years that I can't toss it yet.


Leslie said...

Linda, these are all really nice! I especially like the woodend cowbell. How interesting!

Leslie said...

Goodness. Make that "wooden"!!

seesue said...

Great stuff, especially loved the doorway view.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Lots of lovely stuff on your blog, including this one.