Sunday, February 22, 2009

challenges 182, 199, 206, 209 210

210 Draw some underwear. These are my thin and life-saving long underwear that I needed for several winters when we moved from Texas to St Louis. I still wear them on winter days when it's really cold.
209 is draw a shadow. On our way to Minnesota last summer I saw this amazing shadow on a barn in northern Missouri. It would be interesting to sit and sketch it as the sun moved, kind of like a sundial.
206 is "we call it.." We call cats cats and kitties and kittens. In Britain they are mogs or moggies.
199 Draw a toe. It seemed odd not to include all of them.

182 Draw a truck. This old firetruck was sitting in a barnyard in Vermont.


JustATish said...

i just read how you finished the limerick - BRILLIANT.
you have won my heart ;)

JustATish said...

also if i may add - your work is wonderful!

lyn said...

Nice moggy! Never heard that they were mogs?? Thanks for the comment on 50 cats. Firetruck bold and beautiful!
Continued success!

Anonymous said...

Nice drawings! I like the yellow and white color combination.

Sarah Ketelaars said...

What beautiful drawings. i was going to say i like the shadow one, which i do, but actually i like them all, all beautifully observed and rendered.

Anonymous said...

The little red truck is wonderful . It really has its own personality.
I have two cats but only one is a moggy. The other is himalayan.

Anonymous said...

You have such wonderful drawings! Love the red truck.

Mojacobs said...

Your work is very accomplished - lovely stuff. I'm going to try the 20 circles myself in a minute or so, and am going to remember this when my grandchildren come and stay on rainy days. Thanks for the idea!