Monday, September 22, 2008

19, 180 and 185

Challenge 19 is draw something you've made. We recently replaced part of our fence and the old wood inspired me to design and then make, with dh's help, 2 yard sculptures: a giraffe and a cow. Not all family members are enamored with them, but at least they are tastefully displayed in the backyard.

Challenge 180 is paint something in my favorite color. So I doodled some cows with all the different blues on my watercolor palette. I had just been out sketching cows, so they were fresh on my brain.

And challenge 185 is draw a cat, of which we have 2, and I draw them all the time, but Gilbert decided he'd stretch out in the cool grass and pose for me.


freebird said...

Love all your pics. The cat is great and so are your blue cows. I love how you made the lawn art out of your old fence. That's going green!

Margaret Ann said...

I love the cut out hole for the spots of the cowhide on your fence drawings...Creative and hilarious! :)

Sarah Ketelaars said...

Love the cat and the grass around him - gorgeous.