Thursday, July 06, 2006

sketches at the mall

Some sketches from the mall while waiting for the girls. I considered trying to draw for the challenge to draw someplace I haven't been before, and I WAS sitting in the new eaterie at the mall, which was new for me, but it is so pathetic, I'm not counting it. I did enjoy sketching people and I thought of the drawing in public "revolution" and what if I were at the mall and noticed someone sketching me? Would I sit still for a few minutes for them, pretending not to know I knew they were sketching me? Would I take out my sketchbook and draw them? How subtle am I when I draw others? Do they know?

It made me a bit unnerved, to tell the truth. Enough thinking. Just draw. Secretly. Posted by Picasa


Alison said...

you have caught the postures of the women looking at her mobile? and the man with toddler so well. I really like those two

Jana Bouc said...

I love your drawing of the display of stuff at the mall and the people doing their various things. It's not easy, I know, since they keep moving before you're finished but you did a great job.

I've become quite bold about drawing people but do try to be sensitive if someone notices and seems uncomfortable--but suprisingly that almost never happens. Once I noticed a woman with a sketchbook facing me but at the other end of the train car I was on. I don't think she saw my sketchbook and so didn't realize I was sketching her too. It was a strange feeling, especially when she used my same tactic of pretending not to be looking at me but over my shoulder, when our eyes met. I was tempted to cross the car to connect with her but she got off before I got the courage.